Thursday, February 07, 2008

February 7th, 2008

After feeding Garrett this morning at 4:00AM, I put him back in his crib and went to bed to look at him on the monitor. He spent the next several minutes rubbing the soft material on his bumpers, then he flipped onto his stomach. Once there, he could no longer reach the bumper he was touching so he reached out with his other arm to try to touch the other bumper. No luck. He reached up to grab one of the animals on his mobile. Much too far away. Then he reached to his side, found his blankie, and held onto that. The point is, I'm watching him way too much on his monitor. The other point is, he's reaching out for everything now.

When he woke again at 7:00AM, I brought him into bed with me. After melting my cold, 7:00-in-the-morning heart with a gigantic smile, he looked toward the curtains which were open a bit. Sunlight was coming through and you know what he did? Reached for it. He wanted to touch that brightness so badly, and I realized another job of mine as a mother. I have to support him in his quest to touch the sunlight... and everything else he wants to accomplish. And I believe this kid can accomplish anything.

Right now though, it's just a lot of reaching. And that is more than enough for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful. AL

7:32 PM  
Blogger Bowler Hat Productions said...

Good Lord, Lisa.

9:55 AM  

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