Monday, December 17, 2007

December 17th

Right after I got married, I noticed any woman with a wedding ring and French-tipped nails. If I ever had the occasion to approach one I'd say, "Did you just get married?", and they would light up and squeal, "Yes!" Then we'd both go on with our day, knowing we had that in common and that we were probably the luckiest girls in the world.

Now I notice any woman with a slight gut, a haggard expression, dark circles, and a stroller. If we're not feeling too exhausted to speak, one of us will start: "How old is yours?" "Where did you give birth?" "Are you breastfeeding?" "Is she sleeping through the night yet?" "Can you believe how much they cry?" "Do you ever think about suicide?" Then we both go on with our day, knowing we have that in common and that we're absolutely the luckiest girls in the world.

Garrett and Russ are still sleeping. I should say Russ is still sleeping, and Garrett is once again sleeping after our nightly feedings and changings. They're down to two now for the most part! He goes to bed between 11:00 and 12:00, wakes up between 5:00 and 6:00, and again around 8:00. Then he sleeps about another hour or two. I swear I could watch him sleep for hours. It's the most peaceful, beautiful sleep. Russ calls it "the sleep of no financial worries". I usually try to snag some extra sleep with him, but this morning I was dying to get up and finish organizing my cook book cabinet in the kitchen.

I am not a very organized woman. I try to be, I really do. But I fail miserably over and over again. Now I'm looking around my house and picturing a crawling child and I shiver with anxiety. Garrett will soon be making his way all over this messy abode and I can't bear to think of the things he could pick up and put in his mouth, or put somewhere else never to be found again! So I have committed to myself that I will get this place in order over the next three months. By the time Garrett is crawling, I will always know where my keys are, I will have thrown away bags of things I haven't used in years, and I will have given a huge amount of mid-90's clothing to Goodwill. For some reason I started with my cook book cabinet. But it's a start.

Bogie's been a little depressed lately. I might be reading into it, but he seems depressed to me. It's impossible to give him the amount of attention he used to get, but we still give him a ton. He loves Garrett. He licks him all the time and wags his tail whenever he sees him. But there's an underscore of, "Things were different before you got here, kid." I feel bad. I think he'll adjust to it more and more the older Garrett gets. I think as soon as he gets some of the love back from the kid he's giving it to, all will be well. In the meantime, we go on a lot of family walks and I make sure to tell Bogie at least once a day that he's still the best dog in the whole world and I love him as much as I always did. Plus, Russ plays with him a ton. I'm reading into it, right? It's just like a woman to mistake her dog's normal expression for a deep emotion. He's fine!

Garrett is stirring. I'm gonna go get him and "accidentally" wake up Russ. This will be fun.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Garrett's slumber gives meaning to the old "I slept like a baby" so true!

Two words, Play & Pen, will save some worries before organization becomes a reality. A pile of toys will suffice for dinner prep time. Don't worry about the guilt of baby imprisonment...there will be lots of opportunities for that before Garrett reaches high school age.

Bogie's depression will be short lived as soon as Garrett begins the exploratory stages of "snout to nose breath exchange" and the ever popular, and no less thrilling, sport of "tail surfing"!

Love your blog! Blessings to all, AL

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