Sunday, November 13, 2005


I like to keep things fresh. I have always been one to spit out a stale cracker, chip, or bowl of cereal. I know it seems wasteful but I just can't enjoy something that's supposed to be crunchy and turns out not to be. It's for this reason that I recently filled my cupboards with Tupperware. Now I'll never eat a stale chip again.

Tonight I realized a trend in my life. I also like to keep my marriage fresh. It takes work to keep a relationship as crisp as it was the day it began. But it's FUN work if you ask me! Just as my Tupperware keeps my Kashi fresh, I've found ways to keep a tight seal on my marriage. Not a suffocating seal, mind you. Just one for freshness.

Now, I'm no June Cleaver, nor am I Gloria Steinem. I fall pretty much right in between, (although lately I'm more June than Gloria). I'm an independent woman with a life of my own, who found a man to fit into that life, as I fit in to his. We spend a lot of time together, but we allow each other the freedom to spend quite a bit of time apart. We have many shared interests, and many things we enjoy separately. But it would be easy to fall into a rut where we forget the vows we took. It would be easy to eat separate meals and not spend the time telling each other how our days went. It would be easy to forget to say "I love you", or neglect to hug each other for no specific reason. It would be easy to never dress up for each other or stop having sex.

Well, I make sure to do all of those things, and so does my husband. (Although, for the rest of this, I'll leave him out of it for fear of embarrassing him. I mean, this is my blog, it should be about me!)

Simply put, I make sure he knows how much I love him. I cook for him and make sure I note when he really loves something so I can cook it again. I try to look good for him, (although he makes me feel like I do, even when I think I don't). I ask about his day and I listen. I tell him how brilliant I think he is (and I mean it)! I laugh with him and try to ease his frustration when times are tough. After all, I promised all of this to him the day when I wore that white dress.

And, yes. We have sex. (A lot). I find it to be more important than most people realize. I think a lot of women think that sex is only good for the guy in the relationship. Well, that's dead wrong. To me, it's paramount to keeping a marriage fresh.

So, there you have it. Way too much personal shit about my marriage. And here's my new motto to take with you:

Sex: It's The Tupperware of a Good Relationship.


Blogger Max Koch said...

Wow. Who else but you could somehow manage to equate TUPPERWARE with SEX, June? All under the guise of "keeping things fresh". How inventive of you!

Seriously, keep up the stellar work. You're like "Redbook" for cool people (yes, you're still cool). And I can relate cuz, while my wife, in fact, NEVER cooks for me... she's very organized. I mean in both our tupperware cabinet AND in our bed.

6:25 AM  
Blogger Michael Markowitz said...

More proof your husband is a lucky man. And not just because of those fantastic cabinets.

Obviously, your approach to relationships is as honest and valuable as your blog. Keep it up!

10:21 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Nothin' says lovin' like fresh, hermetically sealed Kashi!

6:22 PM  

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