Monday, November 21, 2005


Truth is... I really don't know what the hell to write about. In two days I'll be 34. I'm not doing much to celebrate my birthday this year, seeing as how I threw a baby shower yesterday and Thanksgiving is Thursday. So I think I'll just let this one pass. I mean, I'm sure I'll talk to my friends and maybe have a breakfast and a lunch or two. But I ain't doing a big party and I ain't having a big gathering. It's just too damn busy for everyone!! It's just too damn busy for me! But, I'm happy to have a quiet one this year.

Today was so beautiful in the San Fernando Valley. God, I love the 818 this time of year. It's just about 71 degrees, and the sun is so magnificent. It's a melancholy, beautiful, romantic sun and I swear it makes me want to cry. And, for the next few days, it's fall in the 818. I mean, it's not much for seasons out here, but I swear there were brown and orange leaves falling all over the damn place today. Beautiful, I tell you.

Tonight my husband and I made a dinner of leftovers from the shower. It was a damn fun dinner! We had turkey meatballs, mac and cheese, baked brie, veggies, and some mini turkey egg rolls. No wonder I can't lose weight.

Oh! Here's a piece of advice I picked up today. You know how normally you buy your pies the day of Thanksgiving? Well, I walked myself into my neighborhood Marie Callander's today and I asked if I could buy my pies tomorrow, two days before Thanksgiving. I asked if they would still be yummy on the big day. They said ABSOLUTELY! As long as you refrigerate them, they'll be just as good. AND YOU'LL SAVE ABOUT AN HOUR OF WAITING IN LINE!!! So, I placed an order, and tomorrow I'm picking up my pies!! If you haven't tried the Razzleberry... do yourself a freaking favor!!

Today was a good day.


Blogger Michael Markowitz said...

Okay, Birthday Girl, when you said "my husband and I made a dinner of leftovers from the shower?" I thought you meant the shower with the hot and cold water and I was like whaaaaaa? It took me a minute. I'm not too bright.

But then I remembered Kramer cooking in the shower on Seinfeld and I laughed.

I love the 818 this time of year, too. And I love pie. I will buy them and not wait for Thanksgiving.

9:14 AM  

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