Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Idol Thoughts

I have so much to blog about. I'm sorry. I've been busy. And I can't post a REAL blog until next week, probably. But... here are some quick thoughts about tonight's American Idol:

Taylor Hicks wants off the show. No question. I have the feeling A.I. is sucking out all the love and passion he has for singing, and he's tired of it. He wants off. Tonight he wasn't himself. I still love him though.

Mandisa was not so good. Better than last week's sermon though.

Elliot Yamin was good. I agree he seemed nervous, but I like him.

One of my favorite moments? Kelly Pickler defending how stupid she is. "Yes, Ryan! I really am stoopid! I swears it! I mean, can people really pretend stoopid? If they can, I'd like to meet 'em!" And she can not stop apologizing! Great.

Paris was off key the entire song. THE ENTIRE SONG she was flat. Sorry.

McPheever bores the pants off of me. I mean, yeah she can sing. And she's hot. But her songs are boring and she has no soul. She's a background singer. A hot background singer.

Chris Daughtry is amazing. MY FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT! I voted for him three times. Yes, three. He did something totally new and different tonight and it was sexy and amazing. I dug it. A lot. He's good. And sexy. A lot.

Ace actually did a good job. Finally. He didn't make me throw up on our new carpet at all.

Okay. My absolutely favorite moment of the night:
Kenny Rogers tells Bucky how important it is that he enunciates every word of the song. Then Bucky comes out on stage and sings in GIBBERISH! I laughed so hard I fell off the couch.


Blogger Max Koch said...

RE: Daughtry

Nichole said, when he came out, "oh, no, not the STOOL". And I must say, I'm completely with her on that.

But he did a great job. Pickler and him were the ONLY ones who SOLD the songs tonight.

And you could not be more correct about T. Hicks.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Michael Markowitz said...

I'm so glad we were simul-laughing about marble-mouth Bucky. He was the sucky.

I actually dialed over and over again that night for everyone BUT him and Paris.

10:26 AM  

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