Wednesday, May 02, 2007

20 Weeks, Wednesday

"What's going on with your blog? It's just going to go from '19 Weeks' to 'Hello, Baby'?"

This message was left on our home's voice mail by my dad. It took me a second to realize that he meant I hadn't written in about ten days and I better get to bloggin'! So here we are, week 20, and I have a couple of stories for you.

The other morning, I was awakened at 6:30 AM by our beautiful dog, Bogie who was standing up and puking all over our duvet. This was a horrible way to wake up. I pulled myself out of bed, shut off the alarm and put him outside where he could finish. Then, I did my best to clean up the mess, and took the duvet off of our blanket to throw in the wash. At this point I would have expected Russ to wake up at least enough to sigh or open an eye. I would have been wrong.

After tossing the duvet into the washing machine, I went back to tackle our down-alternative blanket, which the barf had unfortunately seeped into. After struggling with a pet product made especially for cleaning up this kind of mess, I realized there was no saving it and the blanket, too had to be washed. I pulled it off the bed, smacked the wall as hard as I could, and headed outside to put the blanket in the laundry room.

Then I finally came back to the bedroom, pulled a clean sheet out of the drawer to cover myself with, and huffed back into bed. It was then that Russ rolled over to place a comforting hand on my shoulder, forcing me to exclaim, "I just got a taste of what life is going to be life when this baby's here and you're still going to bed at four-fucking-thirty in the morning!"

Side note: He's still going to bed at four-fucking-thirty.
(An interjection from Russ: Sometimes it's three-fucking-thirty... but who's counting.)

Story two: Russ and I went to our friend Zeke to take some pregnancy pictures. He's an unbelievable photographer who was more than happy to oblige. Here's a couple shots so you all can see I'm actually pregnant, and not just making it up so I can blog about something:


Story three: April 30th was our seven year wedding anniversary. It also happens to be the day the baby started kicking. The only way I can describe the feeling is bubbles popping in my belly. Unfortunately, it happened five minutes after Russ left for the day. I immediately called him and we shared a great moment over the phone, celebrating the anniversary gift our son gave us.

The last two days, we've been begging him to kick again. He's been ignoring us. He's obviously preparing us for his teenage years.

Alright! I'm now realizing I need to blog more so that you don't get so many stories at once. I shall try.


Blogger Bowler Hat Productions said...

You're breaking through and reaching a whole new level of intimacy with your readers I've not yet really seen. Such a joy to behold. As is those exquisite (and dare I say incredibly sexy) images. Zeke's a great artist.

I'll say this, too, for modern technology... your son's gonna get a real kick out of these posts someday. Back these entries UP, girlfriend.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous tracy k. said...

You look beautiful!!

12:06 PM  

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