Friday, May 11, 2007

21 Weeks

Okay, technically today I'm 22 weeks pregnant, but this story happened yesterday, when I was still in week 21. Plus, this way it looks like I'm writing more frequently.

My in-laws are in town and we've been doing a lot of hanging out and chatting. It's nice because they're only here about once or twice a year, and it's a treat having them around. Well, yesterday morning I got up before Russ (shocking, I know), and sat on the couch having a nice talk with the folks. I had eaten a bowl of cereal and was a lot chattier than I normally am in the morning. Maybe that's because I usually don't have anyone to talk to before noon!

While we're sitting there talking, I notice my heart rate going up. I could literally feel my heart start beating faster and faster until it felt like it might jump out of my chest. I also got incredibly thirsty, so I stood up to get a glass of water. "I'm having this heart...", I said. My ma-in-law says, "heart burn?" "No, it's like palpitations..." Then I had to lean over and steady myself on the dining room table because I got incredibly dizzy and felt like I might pass out.

Immediately after, I broke out into a severe sweat. I'm talking dripping wet. And I had to go to the bathroom. My mother-in-law saw that I was wobbly on my feet, so she walked me to my room and woke up Russ. He brought me a glass of water and sat with me as my ears started ringing so loudly, it was all I could focus on.

It stopped as quickly as it started. I drank some water, took off the sweatshirt I was sweating in, and it all passed. The ringing started fading, my heartbeat normalized and all was well. The entire episode was probably only about seven or eight minutes and then it was like it never happened.

I called my doctor (who I absolutely LOVE) and he said this is normal for someone with blood pressure as low as mine. "A lot of pregnant women have fainting spells", he said, "It's not fun, but it's not dangerous". He said I should keep Gatorade with me at all times because it heads off the episode if you drink it right when you start feeling your heart rate going up. Russ immediately put some shoes on, went to the store and stocked the house with Gatorade.

So, there's my drama for week 21. It probably sounds a whole lot more dramatic than it actually was... But it wasn't my favorite seven or eight minutes ever. Now I'm in week 22, I have a ton of Gatorade at my fingertips, and I know that my mother-in-law and my husband are very helpful in stressful situations. That's important information to have.


Blogger Bowler Hat Productions said...

Jesus, Lisa, so sorry to hear you had to deal with that. Well, clearly you're in good hands. So instead I will comment on how LUCKY you are that your doc prescribed Gatorade! It is my favorite non-booze beverage these days and I'm strung out on it. My favorite flavors are "Glacier Freeze", "Grape Fierce", and "Tangerine Rain". The screw tops can be a little tight sometimes but once you crack the seal, you are in for some SERIOUS REFRESHMENT!

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