Friday, September 19, 2008

September 19th, 2008

Garrett turned one yesterday. I can not figure out for the life of me where the time went. I've heard over and over again how fast it goes when you have a kid, but I had no idea.

He decided a few days ago that he was no longer going to take an afternoon nap. We've gotten into a pretty good routine around here. Wake up, take a nap two hours later for about two hours. Play, eat, and hang out for about four hours... Then take another 90 minute nap. It's during those naps that I get everything done, from laundry to paying bills, to checking email; and every so often, napping myself.

Now there's only the one nap, so there's an extra hour and a half of playing and chasing him around. I love it, but I'm TIRED!!

He had his one-year check-up today and it went swimmingly, thank God. I'm so proud of him, even when we're just taking him to the doctor. I'm just so grateful that he's such a happy kid, and likes people so much. He's a little ray of sunshine, that Garrett. And he seems to make people smile.

I don't know exactly what else to write. I'm so amazed that it's been a year. Russ and I have been reminiscing about the week he was born and much he's changed. He's got this amazing personality, and we're starting to see who he is a lot clearer. Obviously, that is going to change and evolve so many times over the next, I don't know, HUNDRED years! But he's really becoming this person. We have routines and personal jokes and he's funny and smart and and he already knows how to press some of my buttons.

He pretends to talk on the phone, emphatically gesturing and laughing at the hilarious imaginary person on the other end. Sometimes his maraca or his blankie is a phone, too. He knows that the remote control makes the TV work, so he points it perfectly and waits for the channel to change. He already loves books, which makes me very glad, and he "reads" to himself a lot. He'll also hand me a book and crawl into my lap to hear it read. He loves Bogie and the cats, and talks to them in a high-pitched voice. He loves to dance, he has a slow, wry smile, and he talks a lot. I think he's solved half of the world's problems in the back seat of the car. If only we could understand him, we could put his solutions into practice.

He's ticklish and he loves climbing into small spaces. He walks behind anything he can push, but he's not yet ready to walk on his own. He crawls so fast I can barely keep up. He likes to chew on straws, he loves to eat, he's great at going to bed. When he's frustrated he stiffens his whole body and his face turns red. He loves his grandparents, he's very loved, he wants everyone to look at him so he can smile at them. He can be very serious when he wants to be, and he'll furrow his brow to prove it.

He knows about 10 words in sign language. He says "Mama" and "Dada". He also says "Dah!" for Bogie and "KiKah" for the cats. He loves to swing and whenever he hears or sees something new, he puts his hands up and shrugs his shoulders as if to say, "Huh"? And he really listens to the explanation.

That's all I can think of right now. That's a lot of who Garrett is and what he does at a year old. I love him a whole stinking lot. Even after a year, I can't believe we get to spend time with this amazing little guy who is a part of us. How did we get so blessed?

I hope time slows down just a tad. But if it's going to continue to go this fast, I just need to try to pay attention to all the delicious details. I am so very grateful.


Blogger Bowler Hat Productions said...

This whole "mother racket" is your true calling, kid. I mean, I have NEVER read or heard anyone write or talk about their spawn like you do the G-Man. He is a lucky, lucky little man.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blessings, for sure, you have won every parent's dream, the baby lottery! Perfect,healthy, normal and extraordinary, all in the same little person!

The "when frustrated, stiffened body, red in the face"? I'm gonna have to take ownership on behalf of this side of the family. Sorry.

I didn't think the orginal Russell could be improved upon, but I can see Garrett is proof positive of Lisa's influence!

Happy Birthday, Garrett!!Congratulations on your graduation from Baby 101 to Toddler U, Russ and Lisa!! Love, AL

9:26 AM  
Blogger Hi said...

I love you in Cory in The House.

8:29 PM  

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