Sunday, June 03, 2007

25 Weeks, Sunday Night

After watching "The Sopranos" with Russ over homemade pasta sauce and fusilli, I began to clean the kitchen. Everything seemed normal as I washed and dried the dishes and pots. Then I began to wipe down the counters. I was scrubbing with my left hand and with each wipe my shoulder clicked. I mean, it clicked LOUDLY! It almost sounded like a gun being cocked, but maybe that's just because I have Sopranos on the brain.

So I switched to my right arm, began scrubbing, and again CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. What the hell? Is it because my joints are loosening? Why doesn't anyone warn you about this shit? I mean, it's not like NO ONE has been pregnant before! MY SHOULDERS CLICK NOW!! And ironically, it's happening just as I'm really getting into the whole cleaning thing. I mean, I really like to clean now. The last thing I need is clicking shoulders!! Ah, so be it.

Saw "Knocked Up" today. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. It was incredibly funny and charming and sweet. There were some scenes in there that really hit home with Russ and I. But even if you're not pregnant, and never plan to be, it's a very smart, funny flick. Go see it. And I'm not just saying that because Judd Apatow was nice to me when I interviewed him, or because I have a huge crush on Paul Rudd.

Only other news? I have a giant gut. In case I haven't mentioned it.


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