Wednesday, June 06, 2007

25 Weeks, Wednesday

Started back to work at "Cory in the House" today. I'm just doing a couple of episodes out of the first six back. It's silly how exhausting it is, sitting around all day doing basically nothing until you're called to the set for the ten minutes it takes to rehearse your scene. Silly stuff.

Sesame's been kicking a lot tonight. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but it is so reassuring when he's moving around in there. It makes me feel like everything is going well, and it reminds me to talk to him. "Hey, Kiddo. How you doing in there? Stay comfortable. You only have a few more months before you're out in this scary world!" Today I told him how many people are here waiting to love him... ALREADY loving him, as a matter of fact! Yesterday I think he got his elbow or foot stuck sticking straight out. It was pushing hard against my belly. After about a minute, I gently pushed it back in. That was freaking weird.

I have to remember to post my weight more often. I want to do it for two reasons: 1. I think it'll be fun for you to know how much I'm gaining. 2. I want you to personally hold me responsible for LOSING the weight after I give birth. I figure if I post my weight going up, I should also post it going down. We'll see how I actually feel about that when I'm going through it. It probably won't be as much fun as gaining the weight. Duh.



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