Wednesday, June 13, 2007

26 Weeks, Wednesday

I've welcomed a new friend into my life. Actually, let me rephrase that. A stupid idiot has crashed my pregnancy party and he seems to want to stay for a while. His name is ACID REFLUX! It's just another normal symptom in this whole pregnancy game and it's my least favorite, second only to the nausea I felt for four months.

This sensation, for those of you who haven't felt it, is like lava coming up your esophagus and making you feel like you need to throw up. But you don't. You just sit there while the lava burns your insides. Every once and a while you burp, and it's the best burp you've ever had! You can't lie down, so you basically have to sleep propped up. It's a ton of fun!!

However, yesterday morning at 4:45 Sesame kicked on command! That's right! I woke up and felt a desperate need to feel him kick, so I tapped on my belly and said, "Hey, kid. Kick for me." AND HE DID! He kicked a few times right where I had tapped him! It was like "Close Encounters" or something! That was freaking awesome.

Last night at the "Cory" taping, I had to leave about an hour before the curtain call, after all my scenes were shot. Why? Well, I was sweating like a pig, and the acid reflux was coming on. I've NEVER left a show early! I just knew I had to get home to my Pepcid Complete before things got really bad. And they did. But I was home!

Still 149.6. And yet somehow my stomach seems way bigger than it did a few days ago.


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Sorry... he's already a huge Huell fan. And he loves documentaries. He also thinks Tony is alive and moved the whole family to Palm Springs. I believe him.

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