Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 22nd, 2008

My dad pointed out two shining examples of my "Mommy Brain" from my last blog:
It's not an "exposition" game. It's an "exhibition" game.
It's not "The Colosseum". It's "The Coliseum".

Of course, "Mommy Brain" is just something stupid people have coined because they finally have an excuse for their stupidity. I FINALLY HAVE AN EXCUSE!!

In other news, Garrett is pulling himself across the room and will probably start crawling any minute now. His very first destination? An electrical outlet!! Are babies really that cliche'? Luckily, he turned around with one loud, "Garrett, NO!" However, I have to start baby-proofing three weeks ago. I'm not going to go crazy with the baby-proofing. Just the basics: A couple of gates, a couple cabinet locks, and some outlet covers. Probably a coffee table bumper as well. I promised myself I wouldn't get a toilet lock. I'm hoping to keep that promise.

I'm still figuring out the nanny thing and it makes me sick to my stomach. Is it so wrong that I just want to be home every minute hanging out with my child? I mean, that's a little bit of an exaggeration. I'd like to leave occasionally. But the whole, "paying someone to watch your kid" thing really kills me. At least I made it seven months without it. And if I never work again, I might go a lot longer! Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging ANYONE who has someone to watch their kid... I'm actually judging myself for not figuring out how to do it. I just want to find a person who's totally flexible, can watch Garrett ONLY when I need to go to an audition, a job, or the supermarket, and can live on $30 a week. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO FIND?

And with that, I am going to have a bowl of Cheerios and go to sleep.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 13th, 2008

So, a couple of weeks ago baseball season started. I turned on the television to see some of the exposition game being played at the Colosseum between the Dodgers and the Red Sox. I think it was the Sox. I don't remember. Anyway, Garrett was in his Exersaucer and I was straightening up the living room and staring at the TV.

"Garrett, that's mommy's sport", I said. "Those are the Dodgers playing." And then I started to cry pretty hard as I said, "We're going to go to a lot of Dodger games together." I cry too damn much. I cry about everything. I'm a wimpy idiot. I CRIED ABOUT TAKING GARRETT TO BASEBALL GAMES!!!!! Wimp. That's me.

'Twas a rough week. For about two months, Garrett has napped for two-hour stretches every morning about two hours after he wakes up. I get a whole lot done in those two hours: Laundry, cooking, cleaning, dishes, bill-paying, grocery shopping, call-returning, shower-taking, make-up applying, etc. Well, this last week G-Man decided to can the two-hour naps in favor of a half-hour nap, maybe two. It messed with me, man! I completely lost my ability to do ANYTHING except shower and maybe put on some mascara.

That means Russ and I had take-out all week, which really sucked because I had been cooking dinner every single night for two months. There's still no food in the house, and I have to get to the store. But I'm DETERMINED to get back on track starting tomorrow. Naps be damned, I'm cooking dinner and getting control of this house!!!

Garrett is talking a lot. He has a lot to say, my friends. Here's what it sounds like: "Da da da da da dadda dadda da dadda da". He says, "Da Da" when he's upset or happy or tired or wide awake. In his world, "Da da" is like "Smurf" or "Aloha" or "Shalom"... It means whatever you want it to mean. Damn, he's cute. Da da da.

Look at that! I blogged!!